Diet and nutrition

Nutrition is the discipline of health sciences aimed at the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases through food intake.

In the nutrition service, food re-education is worked on through the acquisition of healthy eating habits, where the final objective is the gain in quality of life and well-being of the patient.

In consultation, a first session of contact and collection of personal data, medical history, dietary history, eating habits and lifestyle, food preferences and aversions will be carried out… in addition, the nutritional objectives of the patient will be established; In the second session, personalized food planning will be delivered and adapted to the needs of each patient and the appropriate recommendations will be given to carry out said planning; In the follow-up sessions, the process will be assessed (progress, difficulties or obstacles…) and food education will be carried out through tools that facilitate the acquisition of healthy eating habits.


Clinic nutrition

Conditions such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, liver disease, kidney disease, autoimmune disease (hypo-hyperthyroidism) and digestive diseases are treated, where food intake plays a key role in their treatment and, therefore, in the gain in quality of life of the patient. patient.

Nutrition in TCA

Eating disorders require a multidisciplinary approach for their treatment. The nutrition consultation will depend on the person’s state of health, adapting to their moment, without there being a single treatment. The dietitian – nutritionist can help with food renutrition as well as improve the patient’s relationship with food, from a personalized approach adapted to individual needs.
Our goal is provide treatment tailored to each person in order to achieve our main goal
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